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Box: 1  |  Trunk: 44'

Box: 2  |  Trunk: 37'

Box: 4  |  Trunk: 86'

Box: 6  |  Trunk: 32'

Box: 7  |  Trunk: 50'

Box: 8  |  Trunk: 12'

Box: 9  |  Trunk: 0'

Box: 10  |  Trunk: 40'

Box: 24  |  Trunk: 135'

Box: 26  |  Trunk: 96'

Box: 72  |  Trunk: 80'

Box: 202  |  Trunk: 48'

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Common name(s)
Senegal Date Palm, Reclinata Palm,
African Wild Date Palm

Height: 25 - 35 ft.  |  Spread: 12 - 20 ft.
Growth rate: moderate
Origin: Africa

Flower color: white/cream/gray
Fruit: round; orange; .5 to 1 inch
Does not attract wildlife; showy; fruit/leaves not a litter problem

Trunk/bark/branches: branches don't droop;
typically multi-trunked
Pruning: needed for strong structure
Breakage: resistant

Light requirement: full sun, partial sun, partial shade
Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; alkaline;
acidic; well-drained
Drought tolerance: moderate
Roots: not a problem

Use and Management
The multiple trunks lose older fronds as the palm grows, clearing lower trunks of all foliage. This characteristic makes Senegal Date Palm a wonderful tree for accenting in a bed of groundcover or a grouping of low shrubs. Growing easily in full sun or partial shade, Senegal Date Palm will thrive on any well-drained soil. Plants should receive adequate moisture during periods of drought. This palm is too large for all but the largest residential landscapes.
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