Known as a grower and installer, B & C Tree can also facilitate landscape design, recommend the best palm tree species for your climate/soil conditions and even maintain, relocate or remove mature palm trees. Our quality staff knows how to handle small to large jobs with equal ability and craftsmanship. Our services include:

  • Landscape Design
  • Palm Tree Installation
  • Palm Tree Replacement
  • Removal of Oversized or Misplanted Palm Trees
  • Relocation of Palm Trees on your Property
  • Trimming of Mature Palm Trees

With every job, we are sure to inspect and assess the environment for the install or removal. We spell out the entire procedure in our bid and point out any potential issues so there are no surprises later. It’s always our goal to get the job done to your specifications and leave the area clean and the surroundings untouched. We take great pride in our ability to conquer all challenges while enhancing your landscape with beautiful, mature palm trees.