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Common name(s)
Pindo Palm, Jelly Palm, Wine Palm

Height: 15 to 25 feet | Spread: 10 to 15 feet Growth rate: slow
Origin: Central-southern Brazil and contiguous Argentina and Uruguay

Flower color: white/cream/gray
Fruit shape: round; yellow, orange; .5 to 1 inch, edible
Fruit: attracts squirrels/mammals; showy; fruit/leaves a litter problem

Trunk/bark/branches: branches don't droop; not showy; typically one trunk; thorns
Pruning requirement: little required
Breakage: resistant

Light requirement: full sun, partial sun or partial shade
Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; slightly alkaline; acidic; well-drained
Drought tolerance: high
Roots: not a problem

Use and Management
Growing in full sun or part shade on a wide variety of soils, including alkaline, Pindo palm is moderately salt-tolerant. Pindo palm can survive hot, windy conditions, asphalt and concrete areas but looks better in good soil with adequate moisture.
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