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Box: 0  |  Trunk: 0'

Box: 4  |  Trunk: 29'

Box: 10  |  Trunk: 27'

Box: 20  |  Trunk: 42'

Box: 25  |  Trunk: 32'

Box: 27  |  Trunk: 71'

Box: 30  |  Trunk: 35'

Box: 31  |  Trunk: 28'

Box: 33  |  Trunk: 10'

Box: 35  |  Trunk: 33'

Box: 37  |  Trunk: 37'

Box: 38  |  Trunk: 18'

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Common name(s)
European Fan Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm

Height: Height: 8 to 15 feet | Spread: 6 to 10 feet
Growth rate: slow
Origin: Mediterranean region

Flower color: yellow; spring flowering
Fruit: round; brown; less than .5 inch

Trunk/bark/branches: showy; typically multi-trunked or clumping stems; can be trained to grow with a short, single trunk

Light requirement: plant grows in part shade/part sun
Soil tolerances: alkaline; clay; sand; acidic; loam
Drought tolerance: high
Soil salt tolerances: poor
Plant spacing: 36 to 60 inches
Roots: usually not a problem

Use and Management
Fan Palm makes a nice accent plant in a shrub border or in a low-growing groundcover. A slightly salt-tolerant palm whose leaf stalks are spiny, Fan Palm may be used as a barrier planted several feet apart or in mass on a large-scale landscape forming a fine-textured accent area.. Growing best in moist rich soil, it is drought and wind resistant, and established plants will survive temperatures to 10 degrees F. or below, in full sun or light shade. Plants grow very slowly in the shade.
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