Canary Palms are carefully hand dug and removed from common areas for relocation.

Bakersfield, CA

Mike Stiers owned several lots where mature Canary Palms were growing. When completing his home, he wanted to relocate them to his property.

50 trees were carefully removed by B & C Tree and replaned at the Stiers home. Some of these palms were up to 65' in height.

B & C Tree carefully dug each palm, by hand, from it's growing spot. In doing so, the trees were safely removed with no harm to the root ball.

Another concern with trees of this size is not to harm them further up the trunk. With our experience and knowlege, we carefully placed the crane's choker strap on each tree so as not to stress the palm during the removal and subsequent placement in the truck for relocation.

Mike was pleased with his mature trees at his home – none were damaged or stressed – and he now has a dramatic look that appears to have taken years to achieve.